Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge when you work from the comfort of your own home. In fact, it can have a negative impact on your overall well-being, and I’m not just speaking from personal experience. The risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are well-known, with some health professionals even comparing prolonged sitting to the harmful effects of smoking.

Extended periods of sitting have been linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome, both of which pose serious health concerns such as an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Despite being active throughout my life and only having to deal with migraines, I unexpectedly suffered a heart attack less than two years after transitioning to full-time remote work.

Having said that, you can’t stand at a standing desk all day either. I tried that and my feet were killing me before the day was over.

So, is there a way you can get excerise while you’re sitting at your desk? Yes, there is.


  • STAY IN SHAPE: Our exercise bikes for home & office are the perfect at home workout equipment for working from home, physical therapy, reading, gaming, or just watching TV.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: The DeskCycle 2 exercise bike offers 8 resistance settings and up to 39 pounds of resistance. Our high inertia flywheel spins 14 times per pedal stroke, simulating a smooth, challenging, real-bike feel.
  • STURDY AND QUIET: With sealed bearings, steel components, strap-in pedals, and silent magnetic resistance, our stationary bike provides a hassle-free cycling experience.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Our detachable LCD display records rotations per minute, distance traveled, calories burned, and time elapsed. Use the compatible DeskCycle Bluetooth Sensor to connect with your phone or fitness device.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The DeskCycle 2 exercise bike is adjustable from 9″-10″ tall. Drop it down to 9″ for the desk bike pedal exerciser to be compatible with desks as low as 27″.

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